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Cloud Barbell Pad

Cloud Barbell Pad

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Eeek! My limited edition Cloud Barbell Pad is now live! Now, I am not inventing the barbell pad - there are so many out there. But firstly, have you ever seen one this cute? And secondly, I never wanted to release a product that is already saturated in the market. There are so many amazing accessories out there to help you with your fitness journey, but a really good quality barbell pad is hard to come by! Every gym I go to I have found the barbell pads have either been broken, they don’t really pad at all or move around a lot. This is where our Cloud Barbell Pad comes in to save the day!! So much work has gone into this to make sure it really helps you with your movements from hip thrusts, squats and so much more! Not only does it have the best appearance ever, but it’s got some incredible technology inside which helps grip the barbell so you have no sliding pad! And, the heavy duty velcro ensures it’s staying put and not coming undone. It’s also so squishy (it literally feels like a cloud)!

Technical Description

  • PU Barbell Pad
  • 45cm x 9cm
  • Comes in a mesh carry bag

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